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anaalin valkaisu liian nopea siemensyöksy

Paper aging depends on a variety of factors. This is common and certainly not a problem legally. Cash Support as nominator - Shoemaker's Holiday ( talk ) 22:25, (UTC) The caption needs some Comment. If all of these operations are done well it becomes possible to replicate something close to the appearance when the document was new. Without a doubt the editing I have done on the two dozen images of chimeric mice was more extensive than this. Getty is less valuable than the ties to an individual photographer given the spreading fraud of false claims for the work of others - and the belief that the maker's art lives best when it's connected personally to the is one could include Mfield's credit. I was commenting on commons and forgot to change here.- Avala ( talk ) 08:15, (UTC) Support - I just stumbled upon the picture when I was reading about the red squirrel and would have nominated it myself for the reasons above if it hadn't.

Thus I'm leaving it with the official Edit 2, but it should really have been put up for more user input when it was first 'closed'. Please upload such changes under a different name so that they can be compared side-by-side and voted on separately. Also a good example of period public service posters. I agree with my fellow voters that the "wow" factor is lacking and that another angle might have been better, but I have to say that the photo is very good quality and quite encyclopedic. Trans seuraa free xxx cams, alkeiskurssin treeneissä Sammonkadulla potkusäkki saa kyytiä. That is my (limited) experience with imaging in a scientific setting and I think the editing is necessary. 12:52, (UTC) Strong support Shoemaker's Holiday ( talk ) 17:16, (UTC) Support edit. Steel at its height. So in order to avoid blown whites and register texture it would be necessary to underexpose the remainder of the image. Are they resting after?

Vanderdecken 20:16, (UTC) comment. That some of them look tomboyish shouldn't be surprising anyways given the military context. Off to dig through more archives. It is very difficult to quantify, but I can certainly see why photographers are concerned. If you're not sure, it's usually a good thing to ask. There is nothing remarkable about them other than the subject matter. Looks to have a slight clockwise tilt - that's easily enough fixed, but the softness is probably not, and noise is also quite significant. Was Robert Knox Sneden the creator of the map, or did he just collect and annotate it? I can't work out what exactly is wrong with it (artifacting?

Reason A very appropriate photograph of Dali. The photo is also quite noisy and has blown highlights, but that's a minor issue compared. Diliff (Talk) (Contribs) 23:39, (UTC) Withdrawing nom per the concern raised regarding size of the image. I expect my oppose to be taken seriously except if we get a reference that presents evidence concerning this photograph specifically, to state unambiguously that there are no men or boys in it, or alternatively, if the captions on this nomination *and* articles (please) are. The image hosting page only states that it's post-1968. Well, I've said that the noise seems a minor issue to me, so I'll stick with my!vote. Clegs ( talk ) 14:42, (UTC) Comment.


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The two photos you linked to are waltzes, whereas it is not entirely clear from this photo what sort of dance the Castles are doing. Thegreenj 23:39, (UTC) Reluctant oppose for being too small. On the other hand, encouraging this kind of contribution is good, and we can also raise our standards later if free licensing of this type of image becomes common.- ragesoss ( talk ) 05:52, (UTC) With respect, this nomination was suspended for a week. Edit 1 - Cropped. Vehicle is a 'tractor drawn aerial' with separate rear wheel steering. ;-) - Janke Talk 12:08, (UTC) Not promoted MER-C 12:33, (UTC) Death Valley edit Original - Dunes in Death Valley, California, one of the hottest and driest places on Earth. Forgot I wasn't logged in :-D Clegs ( talk ) 14:59, (UTC) Oppose.

To be honest I would like a link to cityscapes in panoramic former with the content to links, ideally with enough description to facilitate choice. Artist drawings rarely pass. But I'll humor you for a second - what's your issue with the quality being 'not great'- its sharp from corner to corner, well exposed, has low distortion and zero noise or CA? Would support a larger version. We already know ti has good quality, now what about EV? Pschemp talk 18:18, (UTC) Oppose Too small. Discussion 19:52, (UTC) Support Edit 2 Great photo and. This was a photomechanical postcard print about 120 years old, possibly from an albumen original.

Latics talk 19:51, (UTC) Support Has quality, composition, and interest. jjron ( talk ) 08:16, (UTC) Cone Nebula edit Original - Named for its cone-like shape, this nebula stretches for more than 7 light years. Slightly out of focus, but the encyclopedic value is very high. Edit 1 Auto white balance and minor. There's nothing quite like a singing cartoon of Bert the Turtle to convey the idea of nuclear war to children. This looks like the 'exit hole'. Articles this image appears in Death Valley Creator Phreakdigital Support as nominator - Shoemaker's Holiday ( talk ) 01:30, (UTC) Comment Gorgeous. I would puke before I take off in a plane like this. Intothewoods29 ( talk ) 02:52, (UTC) Not promoted.

Papa Lima Whiskey ( todo ) 17:08, (UTC) Note that the frame changes significantly, so animation is likely impractical. It seems that you have more experience in obtaining such things. Mostlyharmless ( talk ) 02:30, (UTC) Support - just came across it on Commons. Otolemur crassicaudatus ( talk ) 17:57, (UTC) I was going to suggest you could suspend it and contact the photographer to ask if he would be willing to provide a higher res image, which is what often happens. Well perhaps you could explain how the focus varies in and out along the stem of the (presumeably straight) plant stalk? Shoemaker's Holiday ( talk ) 21:30, (UTC) Support Wow, that's an amazing photo!

Plenty of EV, and a great restoration. Edit 1 - complete desaturation. Shimgray talk 12:03, (UTC) Support Interesting picture. Uncle Bungle ( talk ) 21:30, (UTC) Support. Dengero ( talk ) 02:25, (UTC) It was part of the investigation; the photographer (with whom I was in contact) was unsure as to exactly what was done with the numbering.

Between the small size, blackwhite, and limited visual context, I don't think this is interesting enough to be.- ragesoss ( talk ) 18:20, (UTC) Support black and white photography is is better at depicting texture, and the EV here is dome growth. Dschwen 15:05, (UTC) Unrestored version. The other image in the article has an outline of the lakes, but this makes it very obvious that wind open water snow. Shoemaker's Holiday ( talk ) 19:24, (UTC) Thanks, caption changed as requested. I do like it a lot and sometimes wish I live in north America so I can try to shot similar night cityscapes. I know that the quality is not perfect but it is fairly decent considering it is about 900 years old and it is quite large and it is a very rare picture of the Song Dynasty original so I am hoping people take this into. Spikebrennan ( talk ) 16:18, (UTC) Oppose EV is there but does not have the special wow effect. By comparison this similar image is sharper, has a nicer background, and with a faster exposure it doesn't blur the cartridge ejecting. Really great light and exposure. 13:10, (UTC) Support Definite yes to this image.

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