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one night stand wikipedia indonesia keuruu

This was another four-cylinder compound with Walschaerts valve gear, but with very large and light piston valves, that proved capable of more than 4,000 indicated horsepower (3,000 kilowatts). Retrieved July 8, 2010. 71 72 " Open Your Heart " was the fourth single from the album released on November 19, 1986. It is an uptempo dance song with synth bass and double-tracked vocals supported by male voices in the chorus. CN 5 K-5-a Montreal 1930 milw 14 F6 640064 Renumbered F6-a 641464 Renumbered 142146, F7 1001treamlined MEC 2 D 7017 CB Q 12 S rebuilt as class S-4A 4000 Æolus 1 S-4 3012 CB Q Burlington 1935 New 1 S-4A 4001 CB Q Burlington 1938. Retrieved May 11, 2009. In addition, the C28 class locomotive was used on express trains like the Java Nacht Express (Java Night Express) and the Eendaagsche Express ( One Day Express).

A b c Marsh 1999,. . Designated Class 05, they were designed for high speed running. 3 26 There were also some once-off and experimental 4-6-4 locomotives. Rock and roll is here to stay. 120 121 Actual sales of the album in the country stand at 1,353,100 copies. Their solution was to streamline their Baldwin-built. Retrieved October 16, 2012. "allmusic (True Blue Charts Awards Billboard Albums.

" True Blue " was released as the album's third single in September 1986. The song was the second ballad for Madonna after " Crazy for You 23 and was used in the film At Close Range which starred her then husband Sean Penn. El País (in French). Retrieved October 8, 2012. Retrieved May 7, 2017. Reid, were built for the NGR by Neilson, Reid and Company in 1902. 112 True Blue achieved its biggest commercial reception in European countries, where it topped the European Top 100 Albums chart for 34 consecutive weeksa record that has yet to be brokenfrom issue dated July 19, 1986 to March 7, 1987. The first known locomotive class to be designed with a 4-6-4T wheel arrangement, the NGRs Class F tank locomotive, was based on this modified locomotive and built by Neilson, Reid and Company in 1902.


5 L C O Rebuilt from 4-6-2 ; four streamlined 5 L-2-A 3103crapped, but the C O class K-4 Kanawhas match their same appearances; even so if the their wheel arrangement is different. These locomotives retained their Class F classification on the SAR. The experiment proved much less successful than had been hoped and in 1936 it was rebuilt along the lines of a streamlined lner Class A4 Pacific, though it retained its Baltic wheel arrangement. None of the NYC locomotives survived and neither did any of the Milwaukee locomotives. Metz, Andrew; Benson, Carol (1999). On these, the extra axle was used to reduce the axle load in comparison to a 4-6-2 Pacific locomotive. "Top 100 Albums of '87". "Open Your Heart on VRT Top 30". Censoring sex: a historical journey through American media. The Railway Operating Division on the Western Front.

"The heart of rock soul: the 1001 greatest singles ever made". A b "Gold-/Platin-Datenbank (Madonna; 'True Blue (in German). The album also gave her first appearance on the Guinness Book of World Records. 130 True Blue was also the world's top-selling album of 1986 and the best-selling album of the 1980s by a female artist. Savage, Mark (August 15, 2008). The locomotives were failures on the rack section, their rack equipment was removed within a year of entering service and they were reassigned to shunting duty. 42 For the costumes, she collaborated with designer Marlene Stewart, expanding on the idea of bringing her popular video characters to life onstage, reworking scenes from "True Blue "Open Your Heart "Papa Don't Preach" and "La Isla Bonita". Gender Politics and MTV: Voicing the Difference. Wexter, Erica (October 1986). Since it was designed for the Paris - Saint Petersburg express, it was named the Baltic after the Baltic Sea, which was a logical extension of the naming convention that started with the 4-4-2 Atlantic and 4-6-2 Pacific.

A b Voller 1999,. . 133 The music video for "Open Your Heart" was a subject of analysis among scholars for its concept of the stereo-typical male gaze and voyeurism. 78 Ayers, Ann (July 3, 1987). A C28 class locomotive also hauled the train carrying President Sukarno and his entourage to Yogyakarta on citation needed Ireland edit The first and longest-lived Baltics in Ireland were two locomotives, built by Nasmyth, Wilson in 1904 for the narrow-gauge County Donegal Railways. 54 55 "Live to Tell" became Madonna's third number one single on the Billboard Hot 100 56 and her second number- one that is featured in a film after "Crazy for You".

European Top 100 Albums chart, longer than any other album in history. " Papa Don't Preach " was released as the second single in June 1986. 5 6 Ten tank locomotives, designed.W. Archived from the original. 3 Five CPR Hudsons survived. Semonche observed in his book Censoring Sex that Madonna pushed the envelope of what could be shown on television which resulted in increase of her popularity. "True Blue's first twenties".

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Madonna as postmodern myth. She has a very youth-oriented, up, bubbly, fun sound." 126 Slant Magazine listed the album at number 60 on their list of "The 100 Best Albums of the 1980s" and stated that " True Blue was the album on which it became readily apparent that. McLeese, Don (July 10, 1986). While working with Leonard, Madonna accepted it in Jackson's place and re-wrote the lyrics, earning herself a co-writing credit. Retrieved April 7, 2009. 2860, the first oil-burning Royal Hudson of the class, was operational and based in British Columbia. They were assigned Railway Operating Division (ROD) numbers 1 to 12, 14 and 15 and were used on ambulance and troop trains as well as civilian passenger trains in the British sector. One Night Stand Wikipedia Indonesia Keuruu

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Rock 'n' Roll Gold Rush: A Singles Un-Cyclopedia. West Coast Railway Modernised R Class Locomotives R711 R766 Anatomy of West Coast Railway's "Super" R Class, Introduced and compiled by Barry Merton CP2816 - Rebirth of a mechanical Wonder. It was critically appreciated with most of them declaring it as "the stand -alone song" from the album, 63 also that "with songs like 'Papa Don't Preach Madonna made the transition from pop tart to consummate artist, joining the ranks of 80s icons like Michael. University of Chicago Press. "Madonna: True Blue: Sire". 29 Packaging edit Artist Andy Warhol 's concept of pop art was one of the inspirations behind the album artwork.

These became the Class E on the SAR in 1912. DeKnock, Jan (June 6, 1986). ; Heywood, Leslie (2004). The first locomotive,.001, was restored to its original streamlined configuration in 1961, for display in the Nuremberg Transport Museum. These were known as the 2-3-2K locomotives, designed by Lev Lebedyanskii and rated at 3,070 horsepower (2,290 kilowatts). It was the only locomotive of the Class W1 and became known as the Hush-hush locomotive on account of the great secrecy under which it was built. Retrieved November 26, 2010. "Madonna Chart History (Top R B/Hip-Hop Albums. 5 6 csar Class.

"END OF year charts 1986". Retrieved January 3, 2016. "Indice per Interprete: M" (in Italian). 78 Eight Class F tank locomotives were placed in service on the Central South African Railways (csar) in 1904, designed by csar Chief Locomotive Superintendent.A. Retrieved July 31, 2018. "Madonna's Soundtrack Single 'Live To Tell' Lives To Become.

Altogether 21 railroads in North America owned 4-6-4s. 523 Ciotti, Paul (March 22, 1987). "New Guinness Book Goes on the Record". "La Isla Bonita" (Extended Remix) Madonna Leonard Gaitsch 5:27 Total length: 52:25 Notes a signifies a remixer and additional producer Personnel edit Credits adapted from the album's liner notes. Japanese Year-End Albums Chart 1987 (in Japanese). 789 Papa Don't Preach' Stirs Teen Pregnancy Debate". Erinnerung an die. 21 (Also see France ) There were also ten four-cylinder 6100 class locomotives, built in 1929 by Hohenzollern and Werkspoor and based on the class.

Enter True Blue in the search field and then press Enter. After its release, True Blue received critical acclaim, with music critics who complimented the album as the archetype of the late 1980s and early 1990s pop albums. 119 "50 Best Album Covers, Art". Altogether 534 of them were built by the Stettiner Maschinenbau AG Vulcan and Henschel Son between 19Of these, 458 went to the Prussian state railways and subsequently the Deutsche Reichsbahn, where they became the DRG Class. RPM Music Publications Ltd. Retrieved March 13, 2009.

2816 at Steamtown in Vermont The second-largest user of the 4-6-4 type in North America was the Canadian Pacific Railway with 65 H1a to H1e class locomotives, numbered 2800 to 2864 and built by Montreal Locomotive Works (MLW) between 19They were highly successful and improved. 8 Most of its songs reflect this idea 4 although each was developed separately. "A girl in vogue". "Ben Howard scores first Number 1 album with I Forget Where We Were". Retrieved April 22, 2013. A b Morton 2002,. .

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"Where's the Party" Madonna Bray Leonard Madonna Leonard Bray 4:21. Many were similar in concept to the NYC Hudsons, with 79 to 80 inches (2,007 to 2,032 millimetres) driving wheels, but most were a little larger than the NYC locomotives, such as the F6 and F6a classes of the Milwaukee Road, the K-5-a class. "END OF year charts 1987". Ross, Jonathan (July 2001). "m Madonna True Blue". 25 United States of America edit Unstreamlined NYC Hudson The first Hudson locomotive in North America was built in 1927 for the New York Central Railroad (NYC) by American Locomotive Company (alco to the railroad's design. After the war, they were sold to the Chemin de Fer du Nord in France, who numbered them.871.884. Between 19, the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway (LB SCR) built seven L class tank locomotives, known as the Brighton Baltics. She took on the appearance of a marble statueGoddess like. 56 Critical reception edit True Blue received general critical acclaim.

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Later CN 4550, class X-10-a NYC 145 J J-3a MC (NYC) 10 J-1b 820082 Renumbered NYC J-1c 821082 Renumbered NYC J-1d 821582 Renumbered NYC atsf One streamlined (No. Warwick, Brown Kutner 2004,. . It had a bar frame, Stephenson valve gear and used saturated steam, and was acquired for the suburban services between one night stand wikipedia indonesia keuruu Springs and Randfontein. The last two were withdrawn in 1958. " Live to Tell " Madonna Leonard Madonna Leonard 5:51. Madonna: An Intimate Biography.